Videography  &  Video Editing
Recent graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures from the Academy of Art University. Written, directed, and edited an eclectic body of short films, ranging from thrillers to comedies over the past eight years. Prides himself in his excellent work, accuracy, and swift turn around.
Recent Movies⇣

2015 — Andrew James Mitchell

This is a pitch video I edited for "Simpl". It's a product that mounts the iphone to a moleskine notebook  for a more efficient research and note-taking tool.
Here is a video I edited for about German psychologist, Wolfgang Köhler, and his theory of Insight Learning.

Disturbance is psychological-thriller short I wrote, directed, and edited.

This is a rap video of Jon Dough’s single “ReUP”.  I color graded the video.

Coming Soon⇣
Army Veteran, Lamar, receives a cryptic message claiming to know why he's been having vivid nightmares of murder. What he uncovers will change his life morehttp://www.binloweslockerfilm.comshapeimage_12_link_0